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A selection of personal musical projects

Døde Peters Klub is a collaborative musical project based around the ideas of the very much alive composer and producer Peter Sejersbøl

Døde Peters Klub


Døde Peters Klub (feat. Kalma)

The song H.A.Y is made in collaboration with singer Kalma and reached number 2 on Barometerlisten, Denmarks alternative hitlist in 2016. The song was also used for the Hooha x Novesta campaign video.

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Be Ur Friend

Døde Peters Klub (feat. Bene)

Be Ur Friend is made in Collaboration with Bene (Baby in Vain).


“Be Ur Friend” is sure to melt your cold, dead heart at least a little bit. it’s soothing! It’s relatable! It’s catchy! And the feels bit just sort of… creeps up on you! I dunno guys, maybe that bit of ice you’ve hacked into your chest will remain intact after listening to this, that’s cool, but I doubt it. “Be Your Friend” is so cozy, contemplative and universal that it should be, like, a litmus test for our humanity

- Girls Are Awsome

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Spring Mix

Døde Peters Klub

Spring Mix was used for the video Libertine Libertine - northern Lands Hypebeast.

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Party Sleep Repeat

Døde Peters Klub

Example of production used in various personal projects 

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P1: Greek Carneval

Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) P1 Panorama

Skærmbillede 2019-12-03 kl. 15.34.46.png

As a part of my master’s thesis, I recorded and co-edited this radio program together with Mikkel Andersson. It evolves around the annual carnival that takes place in the small town of Rethymnon in Crete. In spite of the extensive financial crisis that hit the country in 2009, and still resonated with the people in 2016 (the year of the radio program), the 100 year old Carnival is more popular than ever. In the program we try to figure out what a festive event like the carnival means to people in times of crisis and bankruptcy.

Listen at DR's website (in Danish)

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