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Music is emotion. Whether you work with art or commercial branding, music is key to convey your story 


Sound design


Are you looking for rich sound design with attention to detail?
I create everything from authentic soundscapes to more abstract
effects-orientated universes. 

Original compositions

Happy, melancholic, curious, or powerful? Emotion is the best tool of communication - and music is emotion. Whatever message or feeling you want to convey, I will compose the music.


Sound identity


You might already have a visual identity in the shape of a logo. Let's create a sound identity of your brand and enhance your image  

Audio strategy & toolbox


With an audio toolbox, you get custom made audio resources to use your sound identity consistently and strategically across channels and messages. It's a cost effective tool of communication boosting your brand's presence at any touch point from digital to analogue. Reach out to learn more.

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